Guide for Lectors

Guide for Lectors at Sunday Masses

  1. Always arrive 15 mins prior to the beginning of Mass. If you arrive late, you may be replaced.
  2. A Lector may perform only one liturgical ministry at a time at a Mass. If you are rostered as a Lector at Mass, you should not also perform the function of Acolyte or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.
  3. Check in with your co-Lector to confirm which readings you are assigned to. If your co-Lector has not arrived you may have to proclaim all readings.
  4. Check in with the musician(s)/cantor to confirm the Psalm and/or the Gospel Acclamation is to be sung or read by the Lector.
  5. Check the Lectionary is set on the correct page.
  6. Adjusting the microphone has little effect as it is a powered mic and picks up in all directions. Avoid touching it but project voice towards the congregation. Listen to your voice rebound off the back wall.
  7. Always bow toward the altar when approaching and leaving the ambo.

    Prayers of the Faithful

  8. If there is a Deacon present on the altar at Mass he will always read the Prayers of the Faithful, if not, it is the Second Reader’s responsibility.
  9. It would be prudent to read through the Prayers of the Faithful sheet upon arrival in case there are difficult names which require practice.
  10. The Second Lector should ensure s/he is standing ready at the Lectern before Father begins the opening Prayer, to ensure minimal disruption. (i.e. approach the ambo during the recitation of the Creed)
  11. Remain at the ambo, head bowed until after the closing prayer then return to your pew.


  12. Care should be taken with preparation of the Scripture. Each Lector should have set aside time before arriving at mass to practice, reflect and pray on the Scripture of the Mass.
  13. Each Lector should read and prepare for each Mass reading in case you are required to deliver all readings.
  14. If a Sequence is included in the Mass, it is normally the responsibility of the Second Reader. The congregation should be reminded to remain seated during its delivery.
  15. Please consult the Sacristan on duty or the Priest if you have any questions.
  16. Thank you for your valued participation in the Liturgical celebration.

— Fr Henry Ibe, Parish Priest